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Our history

ALINATUR is a family company with more than 75 years of experience in the animal feed sector and a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality food for cats and dogs. The company is located in Lorca (Region of Murcia), a strategic key of the Mediterranean agri-food industry, which has allowed it a great commercial expansion, currently one of the main companies on the national scene within the pet food sector and is present internationally in more than 65 countries.

Alinatur offers a wide catalog of products to its customers: These products are the result of the selection of the best raw materials on the market, the most innovative technological processes and continuous work on R & D & I. Providing the best nutritional solutions and responding to the needs of each pet according to its breed, size and life stage.

We work every day for the well-being and happiness of our pets.

Company milestones

Alinatur was founded

Family business dedicated to livestock feeding decides in 2008 to take the step to the elaboration of quality food for pets (Dogs and cats).

Begins to export

Thanks to the wide variety of quality products that Alinatur has, it allowed it to export to other countries. Currently being in the 5 continents.

Create your own brand: Amity

After manufacturing dry food for several clients, in 2013 Alinatur launched its first own brand on the market: AMITY.

Create your Super Premium brand: Bravery

The consumer demanded a more natural and healthy product that would cover all the nutritional needs of their pets. Alinatur covers this need by launching its Bravery brand on the market.

New facilities

The great growth of Alinatur in recent years has resulted in an expansion of its facilities. With an intelligent warehouse, new machinery, up to the remodeling of the factory and central offices.

Wet feed manufacturing

Faced with the increase in demand for wet food in the market, Alinatur begins to manufacture it for its 2 own brands: Amity and Bravery.