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As we know that you want the best food and health for your family, we have developed AMITY, the best variety of food to cover all your needs depending on your age or size.

Amity is made up of 3 different ranges of products (AMITY, PREMIUM and SUPER PREMIUM) to cover from the most basic needs to the most specific of pets.


Bravery is the result of satisfying the most demanding palates, that of our pets.

The range is made with natural ingredients and without preservatives or additives, which contribute to improving the health and welFARE of the pet.



All our knowledge has been translated into the elaboration for hight brands. With the MDD we keep up with the quality and prestige that our clients demand.

Thanks to the investment in innovative projects and new references, we position ourselves in the market as a benchmark for quality. Thanks to our flexibility we can design products to the demands of any customer.